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♣  My cookie recipe
      Loved by Hollywood party goers!
        -- Well... at the parties where I take these coookies.

♣  Great friends and production partners
      • Lynda Reynoso (www.lyndareynoso.com)
      • Lauren De Long (www.laurendelong.com)
      • Mike O'Connell (www.mikeoconnell.tv)
      • Andy Gates (www.andygates.com)

♣  Cool Actors Doing Good Works
      While a JonnyMac-come-lately to BSG, I've become a huge fan of Katee and Tricia. They do good things for worthy charities.
      • Acting Outlaws

♣  The Guild
      A great reason to have high-speed Internet access.
      I shot some behind-the-scenes video and stills, and even did a special effect gag (paintball shot) for season three.

      The Guild

♣  Bxx:Haunted
      Like scary stuff?...
      I rigged the house with sound, lighting, and mechanical effects to keep the actors on their toes for 36 hours.


♣  Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
      My favorite movie musical -- God bless Joss Whedon!


♣  The Troubadour Theater Company
      Musical theater that will break your face from laughing so much.


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